The Adventures of Captain James

Captain James

Captain James has been travelling around the world, complete with his passport, since 2011. He can only be handed on, in person, to a Braund or a Braund descendant. If he visits you, please write the date and location in his passport together with your name. Please take his picture while he is with you and send a copy of the picture, together with his location and the date, to and Captain James’ blog will be updated. Please give as much information as possible about Captain James’ stay with you. You can follow his adventures on his blog. Maybe the Captain will come to a town near you.

Please note that the Braund Society is committed to keeping young people safe so only first names of under 18s will be published and no full addresses.

In order to keep up with where Captain James is travelling, visit his blog. At the top of this page, click follow and you will be sent an email each time his travel blog is updated.

25 September 2011 with Chris Braund, branch 2, in Bucks Mills, Devon UK

3-17 October 2011 travelling across Australia with Chris Braund (branch 2) and Janet Few (branch 6)

18-23 October 2011 with Brian and Pam Hall (branch 1) in Ballerat Australia and at the Braund Australasian Reunion

25-28 October 2011 with John and Chris Parry (branch 4) in South Australia and going to school with Patrick.

Christmas and New Year 2011-2012 in Balgowan, South Australia, fishing and surfing with Cameron, Stephanie and Anna (branch 4).

February 2012 to Adelaide (branch 4)

March 2012 to New Zealand with Helen and Phillippa (branch 4).

April 2012 back in Australia with Chris and John Parry (branch 4).

23-25 May 2012 Home in the UK with Chris Braund (branch 2) and Janet Few (branch 6). Accompanied by Brian and Pam Hall (branch 1) and Chris Parry (branch 4) with guest Kerry spent 2 days in Cornwall.

26 May 2012 Braund 30th birthday Reunion starts. To Hartland with Braunds from branches 1, 2, 4, 6 and 11.

27 May 2012 To Sheepwash with Kyle and Mollie (branch 2).

28 May 2012 To East Shallowford Farm with Rebecca (branch 5).

29 May 2012 Clovelly with the Braund Reunion – met Ellie and Archie (branch 2).

30 May 2012 To Corwall with the Braund Reunion- met Grace Braund (branch 2).

31 May 2012 Walked round Lundy Island with Brian and Pam Hall (branch 1) and Janet Few (branch 6).

1-3 June 2012 Appledore, the Braund Exhibition and Church Service at St. Anne’s.

3 June 2012 With Fiona and Chris Morgan and Lucinda (branch 5).

June 2012 In Italy with Fiona and Chris Morgan (branch 5).

December 2012 To Birmingham for Family History Seminar with Chris Braund (branch 2).

Christmas and New Year with Martha and Rob Barnard (branch 6) in Lincolnshire, Cologne and London.

January 2013 Lapland with Chris Braund (branch 2) and Janet Few (branch 6).

February 2013-April 2013 Australia and Fiji with Terry and Christine Gill (branch 2)

May 2013 Braund Reunion North Devon

June 2013 France with Dave and Gloria Braund (branch 4)

July 2013 Luxembourg and Switzerland with Dave and Gloria Braund (branch 4)

August 2013 Somerset with Dave and Gloria Braund (branch 4)

September 2013 The Lake District with Dave and Gloria Braund (branch 4)

December 2013 Whitby and Lincoln with Rob and Martha (branch 6)

May 2014 Meeting Princess Anne in Clovelly at the Braund Reunion

May-September 2014 Belgium, France, Spain and Italy with Pam and Brian Hall (branch 1)

October-December 2014 Cambridge, Isle of Wight and Buckinghamshire with Chris Braund (branch 2)

April 2015 Who Do You Think You Are? Live Birmingham with Janet Few (branch 6)

May 2015 Braund Reunion to Morwellham Quay and Poundstock Gildhouse

July 2015 Unlock the Past Cruise to Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark with Chris Braund (branch 2) and Janet Few (branch 6)

September-October 2015 To Canada with Chris Braund (branch 2) and Janet Few (branch 6) – Toronto, Prince Edward Island and Port Hope, back to Toronto for the first North American Braund reunion.

October 2015-February 2017 With Caro-Claire Braund Wiles (branch 2) in Orillia, Canada.

March-April 2017 with Brain and Pam Hall in Australia (branch 1), attending the Australasian Reunion in Yorke Peninsula with many branch 4 Braunds and camping with Brian and Pam.

September-October 2017 with Chris Braund (branch 2) and Janet Few (branch 6) on the Channel Islands.

October 2017 Chris Braund (branch 2) Martha, Rob and Edward Barnard and Janet Few (branch 6) on the Isle of Wight

October-December 2017 with Martha, Rob and Edward Barnard (branch 6)in Lincolnshire.

March-April 2018 with Chris Braund (branch 2), Janet Few (branch 6) and Pam and Brian Hall (branch 1) in Peru.

May-June 2018 with Chris Braund (branch 2) and Janet Few (branch 6) in New Zealand.