DNA and other Society Projects

Society Projects 

Braund DNA 

The Braund Society is co-ordinating and has recently begun funding, a DNA project to try to find out more about how the different branches of our family are linked. We would welcome more participants. There are two main types of test that are useful to us. Firstly the Y DNA test. The way in which this test works means that it can only be done by male direct line Braunds, not those who descend from female Braunds. This is because it is Y DNA that is tested and this is inherited from father to son only. A simple cheek swab is all that is required and the tests are sent to your home. Women and men who descend through female Braunds are encouraged to take the autosomnal ‘Family Finder’ test. We recommend using the company Family Tree DNA but results of tests taken with other companies can be transferred to Family Tree DNA, so we can compare them. Please contact braund@one-name.org if you are interested in taking part or transferring your results.

Emigrant Braunds

This is a list of Braunds who left the British Isles before 1900. We are trying to gather as much information as possible for example: name, date and place of birth, branch of the family, date of departure, name of ship, overseas destination. Additional information is sought.

Fallen Braunds

We have built up a database of Braunds and Braund descendants who lost their lives whilst serving in the armed forces.

 Braund Bibliography

This is a list of books, available on this website, by and about Braunds, as well as any local and occupational history books that are relevant to the Braund family. Suggestions for books for inclusion are welcome

 Photograph Collection

Copies of photographs of those who have borne the surname Braund, concentrating on those born before 1900. Contributions are welcome.

 Birth, marriage and death certificates

Copies of Braund birth, marriage and death certificates. Additions to this archive are welcome.

These and any other historical or biographical information should be sent to:- The Research Team at braund@one-name.org to whom all enquiries should be addressed.