Contact and Membership Information

The Braund Society can be contacted at 140 Stucley Road, Bideford, Devon EX39 3EL U.K.  or

You can join the society via GENfair.   Members receive four journals per year and up to date information about their branch of the family. Current membership rates are £7 for an individual at an address in the UK, £9 for two people at the same UK address, receiving one copy of each journal. For those outside the UK, annual subscriptions are £18 for an individual and £20 for a couple. Those outside the UK who are happy to receive an electronic copy of the journal, instead of a paper copy, can pay UK membership rates. If anyone would rather not pay using the online methods, then please contact for further details.

We can be found on Facebook where lively discussions take place. Follow us on Twitter @braundsociety

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