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Braunds in Australia

Michael Braund of Canberra (branch 1) co-ordinates the Australian Braunds. If you are a Braund or Braund descendant living in Australia, or are related to the Australian Braunds, please ask to be put in touch with Michael. There are regular Braund reunions in different Australian locations.

Map of Braund migration to Australia

© Michael Braund

Here is a list here of Braunds and Braund descendants who emigrated to Australia before 1920. They represent branches 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 15, 18 and 19. Four did not emigrate voluntarily! Many of them have descendants who are still in Australia. There are also more recent emigrants living in Australia today. There is information about Braund branches here. There are several articles about Braunds in Australia on our Braund Stories page. See, When is a Braund not a Braund? when she's abroad: the story of Mary Braund first fleet convictWho was Maud?, Vote for Another Braund and The Echucha Braunds.

New South Wales

In 1788, Mary Braund (branch ?) was transported on the Charlotte to Sydney Cove. Her story can be read on the Braund Stories page in the article When is a Braund not a Braund?, or in Was the Grass Greener?. You can also view a documentary about Mary by Charlotte MacKenzie here.

In 1831, Martha Sleeman, née Braund (branch 1) was transported, on the Pyramus and disembarked in Sydney. Her brother, Robert, who was sentenced with her, did not sail until the following year, on the Circassian and he died on the voyage.

See Robert Arscott Braund below.

Arscott John Pearce Braund (branch 1) arrived in Sydney on the Dunbar Castle in 1877. His story is told in Was the Grass Greener?

Frederick and Ellen Braund née Doidge (branch 1) took their family from Bideford on the Potsi in 1881. They settled in Armidale and have numerous descendants in Australia. Their story is told in Was the Grass Greener? and in the forthcoming book The Braunds of Armidale by Michael Braund.

Samuel Braund from Plymouth, Devon (branch 1) moved to Narrabri in the 1890s.

In 1909, Herbert Braund and his wife, Beatrice née White (branch 15), arrived in Woolhara, having previously travelled to the USA and Canada. Herbert and Beatrice, later settled in Victoria. His story is told in Was the Grass Greener?

In 1913, Leonard Oswald 'Leon' Braund (branch 18) emigrated to Sydney. There are several descendants in Australia today. His story is told in Was the Grass Greener?


Twenty three year old Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Theodosia Braund (branch 8) left on the SS Cairngorm in 1861. After landing in Sydney, went stay with her aunt's brother in Rockhampton. There she married George Hobler and the family later emigrated to California, USA. Her story is told in Was the Grass Greener?

In 1862, branch 6 Braund descendant, Richard Maynard, emigrated to Brisbane. He settled in the gold rush town of Gympie. His story is told in in Was the Grass Greener? and in Cornish Origins.

William Emmanuel Braund (branch 4) moved to Bowen in the 1880s. His story is told in in Was the Grass Greener?

William James Braund (branch 2), who had been born in Auckland, New Zealand, arrived in Brisbane in the 1880s.


Arscott Cole, whose mother was a branch 1 Braund, emigrated before 1851 and went to live in Warragul.

Isaac Braund (branch 1) travelled on the Red Jacket in 1857 and was followed by his brother, Lewis, on the Monarch in 1861. Isaac and Lewis settled in Echuca. Their brothers, Samuel, William and James, went to South Australia. Lewis' descendants can be found in Australia today, There is more about Isaac and Lewis in the article The Echuca Braunds on the Braund Stories page and in Was the Grass Greener?

In 1860, James Sim Braund (branch 8), left Dartford in Kent and sailed on the Dover Castle to settle at Welcome Springs, Adelaide. His brother, William Sim Braund, left about the same time and they may have travelled together. James returned to England and later, both brothers went to Brazil, before moving back to England. They left no descendants in Australia. Their story is told in Was the Grass Greener?

In the early 1870s, Robert Arscott Braund (branch 1) moved to Echuca. He spent time in New South Wales, before returning to Victoria then taking his family to Western Australia. His story is told in Was the Grass Greener?. There are present day Australian descendants. His sister, Annie Edith Braund, left on the Ormuz in 1888 to settle in Williamstown.

In 1908, John Braund from Appledore, Devon (branch 2), moved to Loch. He married twice but had no descendants. His story is told in Was the Grass Greener?

See Herbert Braund above.

In 1920 Amelia Annie Braund (branch 4) moved to Yarraville.

South Australia

Samuel Braund (branch 1) left Black Torrington, Devon in 1853 on the Sultana and settled in Prospect. He was followed by his brothers, William, who sailed on the Lady Macdonald in 1854 and settled in Nairne and James, who travelled to Port Gawler in 1855 on the Rodney. James later returned to Devon. There are many descendants of Samuel and William in Australia. Their stories are told in Was the Grass Greener?Other brothers, Isaac and Lewis, emigrated to Victoria.

In 1878, Arscott Braund and Lucy Braund née Brock (branch 4) left from Plymouth, Devon on the Salisbury, with their three children and settled in Adelaide. Their story is told in Was the Grass Greener?Their descendants have spread across Australia.

Western Australia

In 1851, branch 19 Braund descendant, Arthur Pead, was transported on the Pyrenees to Swan River Colony. He moved to Perth after being granted his ticket of leave. His descendants adopted the name as Braund-Pead. His story is told in Was the Grass Greener?

See Robert Arscott Braund above.

For information about Armidale, New South Wales, home of many branch 1 and 4 Braunds, see our dedicated page.

The Australasian Reunion in Bargara, Queensland 2023

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