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Gallery Catalogue

This is a catalogue of all the pictures in our gallery. We have many more that will be added soon.

We hope that this list will help you to find images relating to a particular person or branch. You can find out more about the branches of the Braund family here.


Branch 1

Ellen Braund née Doidge 1837-1905

George Braund of Braundsworthy Farm c.1750-1847

George Frederick Braund of Armidale, Australia 1866-1915 ‘the Gallipoli Hero’ (also branch 4)

Jane Rawling née Braund of Cornwall c.1810-?

Julianna Braund née Kelly of Exeter, Devon c.1787-1885

Maria Ann Braund née Salmon of London c.1819-1884

Robert E Braund and Grace Anna Homeyer 1938

The wedding of Thomas Sidney and Braund 1889-1871 and Lilian Flora Best 1919

Victor Maurice Braund c.1860-1927 of New Zealand

William Newcombe Braund of Dunnville, Canada 1835-1904

Branch 2

Ernest Braund of Bucks Mills, Devon 1868-1953

Captain James Braund ‘King’ of Bucks Mills c.1809-1898

James Braund of Bucks Mills 1852-1932

Fruit and confectionary store of Joseph Henry Braund, born 1873, Edmore, North Dakota

Lavinia Braund née Braund of Bucks Mills 1863-1910

Mark Braund of Bucks Mills, Devon 1896-1969

Richard Braund 1862-1936 of Bucks Mills

Stanley, Florence and Stella Maggie Braund, children of Eli and Margaret Braund née Beer

Branch 3

William Arthur Braund (on the right) of Chagrin Falls, Ohio c.1829-?

Braund 4

Arscott 1849-1890 and Lucy 1851-1887 Braund née Brock

Edwin John Thomas Braund 1880-1950 of Port Adelaide, South Australia

George Frederick Braund of Armidale, Australia 1866-1915 ‘the Gallipoli Hero’ (also branch 1)

Humphrey Braund 1815-1895 of Hartland, Devon

Lewis Richard, William James, Owen Harris and John Morcom Braund of Bridgerule, Cornwall

Branch 5

Benjamin Place Braund 1874-1951 and Alice Braund née Ward 1873-1957 of Pennsylvania 

James Arthur, born 1887, and Minnie Braund née Mills

Thomas Braund (centre) of Northam, Devon, blacksmith 1847-1923

William Braund (centre) of Bradford County, Pennsylvania c.1821-1901

Branch 6

Eric Clifford Braund of Canada 1897-1944

George Henry Braund 1868-1943 of Cargreen, Cornwall

Leonard, Cyril and Stanley Braund, with their mother Elizabeth, 1928

The wedding of Leslie Samuel Barwick Braund 1906-1989 and Beatrice Irene Harvey 1931

Emma Jane Braund Mayo née Coombe 1843-1916

Branch 7

Reverend Thomas Braund of Milton Damerel, Devon 1842-1914

William Fry Braund of Devon, USA and Canada 1852-1931

Branch 8

Anna Maria Braund 1863-1903

Jane Sophia Braund née Ruff c.1847-1907

John Braund c.1800-1882

Leonard Charles Braund, England cricketer, 1875-1955

William Sim Braund 1832-1914

Branch 9

Richard Brawn of Lezant, Cornwall 1835-1898

Branch 11

The wedding of Frederick Hanny and Olive Irene Braund 1907-? 1936


Branch 12

John Braund aka Brawn 1807-1881


Branch 13

Susan Hill née Braund c.1827-? and her husband John of Calstock, Cornwall


Branch 14

William John Braund 1869-?


Branch 15

Edward Beck Braund 1851-1935 and family

Henry Thomas Braund c.1813-1856

Mary Ann Williams née Braund 1847-1917

William c.1824-1877 and Jane Braund née Prance


Branch 17

William Braund aka Brawn of Lezant, Cornwall c. 1830-1912


Branch 18

Edward Ernest Braund 1905-1977

Sarah Jane Richard Braund née Peeke of Ivybridge and Plymouth, Devon 1830-1918

William Palmer Braund of Ivybridge and Plymouth, Devon c.1819-1876


Branch 19

Ann Braund née Warner ?-1716

Benjamin Braund of Upminster, Essex c.1664-1734


Branch 21

Reginald Peter Braund of Exeter, Devon 1908-1980

William Charles Braund of Exeter, Devon 1886-1955


Branch 22

Francis W Brann c.1825-?

George Henry Brann c.1869-?


Branch 24

Albert 1833-1914 and Sarah Knapman Braund née Loosemore of Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Richard Percy Braund 1894-1963

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