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The Braund Museum

We have a collection of artefacts relating to the Braund family. These have been purchased using society donations and subscriptions, or have been given to us for safe-keeping. We display these at reunions and family history fairs whenever possible. A small selection are illustrated below. We are also aware of many similar heirlooms in private hands and we would welcome details, so that they may be included in this virtual museum along with others shown here. If you can help, please contact us.

Click on each image for more information. There is a catalogue of the items that are pictured
here. This will help you if you are searching for artefacts relating to a particular person or branch. You can find out more about the branches of the Braund family here.

More items are being added all the time, please revisit this page and watch our museum grow. 

A Sampler worked by Sophia Braund 1820-1868 Branch 1 - in private hands
Longcase clock made by John Braund of Hatherleigh 1784-1851 Branch 7 - in private hands
Tea Tin from Frederick Braund's shop in Armidale, Australia branch 1 - in teh Braund Museum
Stoneware bottle for H Braund of Ilfracombe branch 15 - in private hands
Sundial carved by Samuel Braund branch 6
Tea Caddy made by Jesse Braund 1793-1877 for his sister-in-law Catherine Stevens  Branch 5 - in the Braund Museum - in private hands
Leonard Braunds dog-tags branch 2 - in private hands
Second World War Medals of Edward Ernest Braund 1905-1977 Branch 18 - in the Braund Museum
Mary Ann Braund's sampler branch 3 - in private hands
Clock presented to John Braund branch 7 - in the Braund Museum
Putter from the shop of Leonard Charles Braund 1875-1955, cricketer, Branch 8 - in the Braund Museum
Stoneware jar of Albert Braund branch 24 - in private hands
Certificate awarded to Ernest Brawn branch 9 - in private hands
Decorative oars belonging to Henry Benedict Linthwaite Braund branch 1 - in private hands
1912-1990 Branch 1 - in the Braund Museum
Medal awarded to William Braund 1904-1980 Branch 2 by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution - on loan from Clovelly Archives
Receipt for Ralph Allin Braund's shop 1871-1948 Branch 5 - in private hands
Music written by William Alfred Braund 1857-1938 aka Wilfred Mills Branch 18 - in private hands
Inscription in Vennings Directory owned by Richard Brawn 1835-1898 Branch 9 - in private hands
Prayer Book presented to Aileen Barbara Braund 1918-1979 Branch 2 - in the Braund Museum
Cover of a Catalogue for George Braund Ltd. 1812-1901 of Loughborough branch 8 - in the Braund Museum - in the Braund Museum
Long Service Watch awarded to Albany Braund 1888-1963 Branch 6 - in private hands
Trade token from the shop of Joseph Henry Braund born 1873, from Edmore North Dakota branch 2 - in private hands
Bible presented to Christopher Braund 1840-1874 branch 1 - in the Braund Museum
Medal awarded to Edwin John Braund 1911-1993 branch 6 - in the Braund Museum
Handcuffs belonging to Thomas Braund 1810-1872, constable of Northam, allegedly used to arrest a murderer branch 5 - in the Braund Museum
Envelope, postmarked 1876, sent to Marwood Kelly Braund 1829--1890 branch 1 - in the Braund Museum
Vera Braund's pencil case branch unknown - in private hands
Matchbook advertising Ernest Colwill Braund's 1908- 1982 Peterborough, Ontario store branch 2 - in the Braund Museum
Mat made by Noel William Braund 1929-1997 Branch 2 - in the Braund Museum
Clock awarded to Dorothy Lucy Braund 1896-1989 Branch 2 - in the Braund Museum
Robert Braund's Seal c.1190-1265  Branch ? - in private hands
Envelope addressed to Marwood Leonard Boyd Braund 1859-1912 Branch 1 - in the Braund Museum
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