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For Younger Braunds

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A Note for Parents and Carers

The Braund Society is committed to the concept of safeguarding. All those involved with Twiglets and our younger membership, work, or have worked, professionally with young people and have been subjected to the appropriate safeguarding screening. We do not put the surnames of young people on our pages.

Welcome to Twiglets

Pixabay image of three people with their arms round each other

Twiglets is the section of the Braund Society for younger Braunds. We aim to give you a look into the exciting world of family history through the Twiglets pages. Here you will find activities, puzzles, competitions, suggestions of books to read and information about how you can become a family history detective. Whether you are 6 or 16, there should be something on these pages for you. We are adding new things all the time, so please do keep checking back. If you are one of our younger Twiglets and there are words on these pages that you don't understand, our dictionary may help.

Sometimes, Twiglets will run events for younger Braunds during the Braund Society May Reunion weekends.

If you are under 18 and wish to ask any questions, or write something to put on our Twiglets pages, please ask your parent or carer’s permission and  

Here is what you will find on the Twiglets pages. Click on the links below to join in the fun.

Some of the images on our Twiglets pages are by Peggy Marco are are freely available at Pixabay

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