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One Family - Many Branches

We talk about Braund branches because that helps Braunds and their descendants to find the information that is most relevant to them. There may be many branches but all are part of one family.

Although we believe that all Braunds are connected and our DNA project is proving this, the records needed to draw a family tree showing exactly how we are all linked do not survive. This means that we have twenty four different Braund family trees, that we call the Braund branches. If you have the same branch number as another Braund, we will be able to tell you how you are related. The list below shows who is at the top of each branch's family tree. So far, every Braund family can be traced back to Devon or just over the border in Cornwall, in the south-west of England. If a branch is shown in italic, it means that no descendants are Braund Society members at the moment; in some cases there may be no living descendants. The spelling of Braund varies considerably in all branches of the family but in some branches alternative spellings are still use and this is indicated below.

When the branches were first created, the lower the branch number, the further back the family tree could be traced. Since then, new branches have formed, family trees have been extended further back in time and some branches have been joined, so this no longer applies. Some branches are large, some are small, all are equally important.

You can click through to find more information about most of the branches.

1. William Braund of Black Torrington, Devon born c.1465

2. William and Agnes Braund of West Putford, Devon married c.1669

3. Jacob and Joanne Braund of Bradford, Devon married c. 1675

4. John and Zenobia Braund née Colwill, married at Black Torrington, Devon 1683

5. Hugh and Grace Braund née Oxenham, married at West Putford, Devon 1715

6. John and Florence Braund, married at Northlew, Devon 1715

7. William and Elizabeth Braund of Halwill by Holsworthy, Devon married c.1718

8. William and Mary Braund née Badcock, married at Marhamchurch, Cornwall 1792

9. Richard and Catherine Braund née Colville, married at Lawhitton, Cornwall 1802

10. William Monkley and Grace Braund, married at Great Torrington, Devon 1752

11. John and Grace Braund née Toll, married at Broadwoodwidger, Devon 1753

12. John and Sarah Braund née Fishleigh, married at Milton Damerel, Devon 1803

13. Richard and Agnes Braund née Woodman married at Germansweek, Devon 1796

14. Humphrey and Frances Braund of Cookbury, Devon married c.1804

15. John and Margaret Braund née Gribble, married at Fremington, Devon 1730

16. James and Elizabeth Braund née Veale, married at Calstock, Cornwall 1751

17. Richard and Jane Braund of Boyton, Cornwall, married c. 1760

18. William and Margery/Margaret Braund née Peacock, married at Stoke Damerel, Devon 1783

19. William and Joanne Braund née Burdon, married at Black Torrington, Devon 1572

20. John and Rebecca Braund née Hopkins, married at Black Torrington, Devon 1678

21. Samuel and Mary Braund née Alford, married at Exeter, Devon 1834

22. Michael and Margaret Braund née Lange, married at Totnes, Devon 1631

23. Mary Braund of Clovelly, Devon born c.1800

24. William and Mary Braund née Andrew, married at East Putford, Devon 1786

25. Hugh and Mary Braund née Prance, married at Parkham, Devon 1690

Alternative spellings include:-

Bround – particularly in branch 4

Broan – particularly in branch 6

Brawn – particularly in branches 6, 9, 12, 16, 17 and 22

Brann – particularly in branch 22

Branches map.tif



Origins of Braund Branches

(Map created using GenmapUK from Archer Software)

Distribution Map Braunds in England and Wales 1881
Distribution map Braund in SW England 1881

Distribution of English and Welsh Braunds in 1881

(Maps created using Surname Atlas from Archer Software)

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