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Reunion Day 4

It was a chilly May morning for the last of the in-person events. We visited the Maritime Museum in Appledore and were able to learn about the Braund's maritime heritage. The section of the museum that is devoted to the Braunds and has recently been updated and many of the other exhibits have had a refurbish during lockdown. More food of course, this time at the Market Kitchen in Appledore, then it was time to finish off the weekend online. There was a talk about some of the exhibits in the Braund Museum. We have many items that do not yet feature on the website; they will be added over time. Plenty more chat followed, with Braunds Zooming in from six countries. The evening included an introduction to and the formal launch of, the new website with Dave and Ross. Finally, the traditional fiendish quiz set by Martha, or, as she put it, it you didn't like the quiz it was set by Rob! The final round sent people scurrying to explore the website. To save embarrassment, we didn't ask participants to publicly declare their scores but some were claiming the wooden spoon.

The Braund display at the Maritime Museum
The Braund display at the Maritime Museum

All in all, thirty seven people attended in person at some point over the reunion weekend and a further twenty five participated online; some of course attended both virtually and literally. Eight branches of the family were represented and online participants beamed in from six different countries. A guest appearance by Elsie meant that attendees' ages ranged from 8 months to 80 something and many points in between. If you missed all the fun, then we will be getting together again next year, both in Brisbane and North Devon and there will opportunities to chat online before then, as well as an in-person meal in November. Thank you to all those who supported us.

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