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Braund Society Projects

The Braund Society Quilt

Braunds of the Millennium

In 2000, Braund from all over the world submitted biographies for our Braunds of the Millennium file, which is displayed when we hold exhibitions.

Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

We have a large collection of Braund birth, marriage and death certificates. Additions to this archive are welcome.

Braunds in the 1950 US Census

A project to record all the Braunds who appear in the 1950 census and trace their ancestry back to the UK.

If you would like further information about any of these projects, please contact us.

The Braund Museum

A large collection of donated and rescued artefacts of Barund significance. These are displayed when we put on an exhibition. Our Virtual Museum also includes images of Braund heirlooms that are in private hands.

Photograph Collection

We have a collection of copies of hundreds of photographs of those who have borne the surname Braund, concentrating on those born before 1930. We also have an album of Braund wedding photos. A few of these appear in our Photo Gallery. Contributions are welcome. Please get in touch if you would like copies of any of these.

Braund DNA

Braunds and Braund descendants have taken DNA tests with most of the commercial DNA companies. We administer a YDNA project at Family Tree DNA and we also have information about autosomal DNA results from those related to the Braunds. There is more information on our DNA page.

Emigrant Braunds

This is a list of Braunds and Braund descendants who left the British Isles before 1900. We are trying to gather as much information as possible for example: name, date and place of birth, branch of the family, date of departure, name of the ship, overseas destination and their life in the new country. There are details of some Braund emigrants on the country pages under the Family History tab. There are accounts of the lives of many emigrant Braunds in our book Was the Grass Greener?, which is available from the society. Additional information is welcome. 

Fallen Braunds

We have a database of fallen Braunds and Braund descendants, those family members who lost their lives whilst serving in the armed forces. Much of what we known is in our book The Price of Conflict by Michael Braund, which is available from the society.

The Braund Quilt

This was created in 2007, to celebrate our 25th Birthday. Braund from all over the world created quilt squares, which were then assembled by Judy Cain in America. Each square represents an element of the creator's Braund history. The quilt is now displayed when we have an exhibition of memorabilia.

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