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Braund Stories

On this page, you can read articles that are about the Braund family, or are relevant to how and where the Braunds lived the past. Most of these have appeared in previous issues of the Braund Journal. If the article focuses on a particular branch or branches of the family, then that is shown below. Details of the Braund branches can be found here. Please note that our research may have moved on since some of these articles were written. All articles are the copyright of the authors. We hope that you will enjoy reading the them but ask that you do not copy them. If you wish to quote small passages from them, then please credit the author and the Braund Society using the URL for this page. Thank you. If you enjoy what you read, why not join us to receive our journal full of stories and news four times a year. Or head on over to our shop to see the books that we have published. A list of the contents of past Braund Society journals can be found here. You can click on the images on this page to enlarge them and view their captions.

Farming in North-west Devon at the Dawn of the Nineteenth Century

Janet Few


Many Braunds worked on the land. This article describes rural life, in the early 1800s, in the area that many Braunds called home. Read more …….

Farmland in North Devon

The Search for Samuel Braund

Branch 6

Janet Few


Published in the journal as 'The Ever Spreading Braund Tree', This article describes how the author extended the branch 6 Braund tree and found the parents of Samuel Braund, after thirty-seven years of searching. Read more …….

 The Sundial at Liskeard Church carved by Samuel Braund

From Berry Pomeroy to Kitterey, Maine, USA

Branch 22

Lynne Ridler-Wall

Michael Braund left Berry Pomeroy in Devon to settle in Kittery, Maine in 1651, making him one of the earlies known Braund emigrants. He left many descendants who took the name Brawn and later Brann. This is their story. Read more …….

John Braund aka Brawn 1807-1881

Milton Damerel, Devon to Reach Township, Ontario, Canada

Branch 12

Clare and Beth Brawn


This is the story of John Braund, who left Milton Damerel in Devon for Reach Township, Ontario in the 1850s. Read more …….

John Braund aka Brawn 1807-1881

From Darlington to Wellington: The Sad Story of Isabella Fry

Branch 2

Janet Few

Isabella Fry, was the wife of William George Braund of Bucks Mills. The article begins with the story of one woman, who travelled from Darlington in the north of England to Wellington, New Zealand in the early years of the twentieth century, to get married. In telling her tale and that of some of her ancestors, the article illustrates how a piece of research progresses, introduces a variety of English sources and hopefully inspires you to tell your own ancestral stories. Read more …….

The Grave of Isabella Braund

A Certain Mr Braund

Branch 8

Michael Braund



The story of Leonard Charles Braund the cricketer who played for Somerset and England. Read more …….

Leonard Charles Braund

John Hill and Susan Braund:

a life in Canada

Branch 13

Janice Lander


The story of branch 13 descendant Susan Hill née Braund and her emigration to Canada Read more …….

John and Susan Hill née Braund and family

Braunds in Nineteenth Century Kent

Branches 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 15

Lynne Ridler-Wall


The story of the Braunds who were living in Kent in the nineteenth century. Read more …….

Can you Spot a Braund a Mile Off?

Janet Few


What physical characteristics and traits to many Braunds share. Read more …….

The Career Women of Armidale

Branch 1

Michael Braund


The stories of working Braund women of Armidale. These stories will form part of a forthcoming book about the Armidale Braunds Read more …….

James Henry Howe or James Cowell Burridge or James Braund?

Branch 2, 4, 15 & 18

Janet Few and Judy Smith


A man with many aliases and Braund DNA. Who was he? Read more …….

Sir Hugh Brawne - Vintner

Branch ?

Janet Few


The story of Sir Hugh Brawne, who lived in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Read more …….

John Thomas Braund

How many Lies can one Man tell on a Census Return?

Branch 1

Janet Few


In the 1900 U.S. census, John T Braund claimed to have been born in 1845; he was born in 1841. His birthplace was given as New York; he was born in Budock, Cornwall. He said he’d been married for nineteen years when in fact he’d been married for just two. His son Charles, who may not actually have been his son, was listed as having been born in New York, when he was born in Dunnville, Canada.

Why would one person want to tell so many lies? What follows is a story of how John’s web of lies was uncovered and suggests some reasons why he may have

wished to cover his tracks. Read more …….

When is a Braund not a Braund?

When she's abroad 

Branch ?

Michael Braund



The story of Mary Braund or Broad, first fleet convict. Read more …….

This article is one of many biographies of emigrant Braunds that appear in our book Was the Grass Greener? the worldwide Braund movement, which is available in our shop.

Port Jackson

Who was Maud?

 Branch ?

Michael Braund

Maud Braund left a trail of seamy stories in her wake but who was she? Read more …….

A Sketch of Maud Braund

The Braunds of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA

Branch 3

Lynne Ridler-Wall


William Arthur Braund left Devon for Chagrin Falls, Ohio in the 1850s. This is his story. Read more …….

Willliam A Braund 1829 on the right

Braunds in the USA

an overview of settlement

Lynne Ridler-Wall


The story of how the Braund family spread across the USA. Read more …….

Vote for Another Braund

Branches 1 & 4

Michael Braund




The story of how George Frederick Braund from Armidale, Australia, ran for election.  Read more …….

George Frederick Braund

The Echuca Braunds

Branch 1

Pam and Brian Hall


This story is about two brothers, Isaac and Lewis Braund from Black Torrington in Devon, their emigration to Australia and their descendants. Read more …….

Lewis Braund

How the Braunds would have Died

Janet Few


This article looks at the many ways in which the Braunds might have met their deaths. The symptoms, preventatives and historic ‘cures’ for various illnesses and diseases are discussed, together with examples of members of the family who suffered from a particular complaint. Read more …….

Fishing and other Industries in Victorian North Devon

Janet Few

 Economic opportunities in the nineteenth century for the Braunds of North Devon Read more …….

Fishing boat

Lost on the Titanic

Branch 4

Janet Few







The story of Lewis Richard and Owen Harris Braund who lost their lives on the Titanic. Read more …….

From the left Lewis Richard, William James, Owen Harris and John Morcom Braund

William Braund and his Wives

Branch 15

Janet Few


The story of William Braund, of branch 15 of the family, and his three wives Read more …….

Two Braund Village

Branches 2 and 6

Rebecca Few



A comparison between the village of Bucks Mills in Devon, home of the branch 2 Braunds and Cargreen in Cornwall, where members of branch 6 lived in the nineteenth century. Read more …….

Solving a 100 Year Old Mystery

Branches 2 & 5

Janet Few


The story of an alleged lost inheritance and its links to the Braund family. Read more …….

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