There are fun family history activities to try on this page. We have started with some things that you can do using photographs but there will be different activities to come, so do check back.

Who do You Look Like?

Have you ever wondered how much you look like your ancestors? You can use this tool to compare your face with one of your ancestors. Do make sure that you ask an adult's permission first. We think our society chairman Chris looks a lot like his 3x great-grandfather, Captain James Braund.

Captain James Braund
Chris as Captain James Braund

Copy a Family Photograph

In the picture above, Chris is deliberately trying to copy the old photograph. Could you dress up and try to copy the pose in an old photograph. Maybe you can find a group photo and get your family involved. If you don't have any old photographs of your own, choose one from our Photo Gallery.

Colour your Ancestors 1

Use this app to make a colouring outline from a photograph. You could colour yourself or one of your ancestors. See what we have done with a picture of Jane Rodd from branch 6, to make her ready to colour.

Jane Rodd
Jane Rodd

Colour your Ancestors 2

If you don't want to get our your paints and crayons you can colourise black and white photos using this app from My Heritage. You have to register for the site but it is free. Just make sure that you get an adult's permission before you do