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Social History

Brown Jonathan The Edwardian Farm Shire Publications (2010)

Davidson, Caroline A Woman’s Work is Never Done: a history of housework in the British Isles 1650-1750 Chatto and Windus (1982)

Few, Janet Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs: the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors Family History Partnership (2012)

Few, Janet Remember Then: women’s memories of 1946-1969 and how to write your own The Family History Partnership (2014)

Flanders, Judith The Victorian House: domestic life from childbirth to deathbed Harper Perennial (2004)

Fussell, G E The English Rural Labourer; his home, furniture, clothing & food, from Tudor to Victorian times Batchworth Press (1949)

Gilbert, Christopher English Vernacular Furniture 1750-1900 Yale University Press (1991)

Ginn, Peter and Goodman, Ruth Tudor Monastery Farm BBC Books (2013)

Grafton, Carol Belanger Victorian Fashions: A Pictorial Archive with Over 1000 Illustrations of Women's Fashions from 1855-1903 Dover Publications (2012)

Hammond, John & Barbara The Village Labourer The History Press (2005)

Handford, Kay The Agricultural Labourer in 19th Century England Grosvenor House Publishing (2011)

Hartley, Dorothy Food in England Piatkus (2009)

Horn, Pamela Labouring Life in the Victorian Countryside Sutton Publishing (1987)

Langlands, Alex (ed.) Henry Stephens’s Book of the Farm Batsford (2011)

Langlands Alex, Ginn, Peter and Goodman, Ruth Victorian Farm Pavilion Books (2009)

Langlands Alex, Ginn, Peter and Goodman, Ruth Edwardian Farm Pavilion Books (2010)

Langlands Alex, Ginn, Peter and Goodman, Ruth Wartime Farm Mitchell Beazley (2012)

Osborn, Helen Our Village Ancestors: a geneaogist’s guide to understanding England’s rural past Robert Hale (2021)

Paterson, Michael A Brief History of Life in Victorian Britain Robinson (2008)

Porter, Roy English Society in the Eighteenth Century Penguin (1990)

Porter, Valerie Yesterday’s Farm: a taste of rural life from the past David and Charles (2008)

Richmond, Vivienne Clothing the Poor in Nineteenth-Century England Cambridge University Press (2016)

Shrimpton, Jayne British Working Dress Occupational Clothing 1750 – 1950 Shire Publications (2012)

Styles, John The Dress of the People: Everyday Fashion in Eighteenth-Century England Yale University Press (2008)

Tannahill, Reay Food in History revised edition Penguin (1988)

Thornton, P Authentic Decor: the domestic interior 1620-1920 Weidenfeld & Nicolson (new edition 2000)

Verdon, Nicola Working the Land: a history of the farmworkers in England from 1850 to the present day Palgrave Macmillan (2017)

Waugh, Norah The Cut of Men’s Clothes 1600 - 1930 Routledge (1987)

Waugh, Norah The Cut of Women’s Clothes 1600 - 1930 Faber & Faber (1994)        

Wills, Simon How our Ancestors Died: a guide for family historians Pen and Sword (2013)

Family History Research

Barratt, Nick Beginner’s Guide to your Ancestors Lives Pen and Sword (2010)

Cole, Jean & Titford, John Tracing your Family Tree 3rd edition Countryside Books (2000)

Few, Janet Family Historian’s Enquire Within Family History Partnership (2014)

Hey. David Family History & Local History in England Longmans (1987) 

Higginbotham, Peter The Workhouse Encyclopedia The History Press (2014)

Reaney, P.H. A Dictionary of British Surnames Routledge & Kegan Paul (1977)

Tate, W E The Parish Chest Phillimore 3rd edition (2011)

Waller, Ian My Ancestor was an Agricultural Labourer Society of Genealogists (2008)

West, John Village Records Phillimore (1997)

West, John Town Records Phillimore (1983)

If you enjoy reading about the Braunds, the society has published several books about the family. Take a look at our shop for further details. Other books about members of the Braund family are on this list. We have also included details of some local history and social history books. Although they don’t mention Braunds by name, they are relevant to places associated with the family, or the to the lives that they led. For relevant websites, see our links page.

This list is still being developed. More books will be added soon. Please send suggestions for additions to us.


Published by the Braund Society

A Race Apart: the Braunds of Bucks and elsewhere – Len Braund

Before Braundsworthy: the Braund family 1000-1550 – Janet Few

The Roots of the Tree - the Braunds of Black Torrington and their descendants (branch 1) – Janet Few

Was the Grass Greener? The worldwide Braund movement – edited Janet Few

The Price of Conflict: fallen Braunds 1805-1946 – Michael Braund

The King of Bucks: the life of Captain James Braund 1809-1898 (branch 2) – Janet Few

Who Lived in Cottages like These? The inhabitants of Bucks Mills (branch 2) – Rebecca Few and Janet Few

The Fishing Hamlet - a memorial of Hannah (branch 2) – edited Martha Few

Cornish Origins (branch 6) – Janet Few

Across the Tamar (branch 6) – Janet Few

The Cargreen Odyssey (branch 6) – Janet Few

In the Shadow of the Iron Horse (branch 6) – Janet Few

Publican, Purser, Printer and Poet (branch 18) – Janet Few

The Braunds of Bucks poem (branch 2)

All of these are available from our shop.

Books about Braunds

Adams, Susan The Seeds of Youth: the early life of Elizabeth Braund MBE ( branch 1) 

Braund, H.E.W. Distinctly I Remember: a personal story of Burma (branch 1)

Few, Janet Barefoot on the Cobbles Blue Poppy Publishing (2018) (branch 2)

Sutherland, Dame Lucy Stuart A London Merchant 1695-1774 (branch 19) 

Local History

Bourne, F.W. The Bible Christians: their origins and history 1815-1900 2nd edition Tentmaker Publications, Stoke on Trent (2004)

Downes, John A Dictionary of Devon Dialect Tabb Press (1986)

Duffy, Michael et. al. The New Maritime History of Devon Volume II Conway Maritime Press (1994)

Ellis, Sheila Down a Cobbled Street: the story of Clovelly Badger Books (1987)

Few, Janet Faith, Fish, Farm or Family? The impact of kinship links and communities on migration choices and residential persistence in North Devon Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Exeter (2009)

Gill, Crispin Plymouth: a new history Devon Books (1993)

Hancock, W Gordon Soe Longe as there Comes Noe Women origins of English settlement in Newfoundland Global Heritage Press (2003)

Hayman, John Gould A History of Methodism in North Devon 1739 to 1898 Wesleyan Methodist Book Room (1898) available on CD from Devon Family History Society 

Hill, Sir Francis Medieval Lincoln Paul Watkins (1990)

Hoskins, W.G. Devon Collins (1954)

Kain, R. and Ravenhill, W. eds., Historical Atlas of South-West England University of Exeter Press, Exeter (1999)

Vancouver, Charles A General View of Agriculture of the County of Devon Richard Philips (1808) 

Watkins, John An Essay towards a History of Bideford (1792)

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