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Braunds in the USA

John Braund (branches 1 and 4) co-ordinates the USA Braunds. If you are a Braund or Braund descendant living in the USA, or are related to the USA Braunds, please ask to be put in touch with John.

Graph of Braunds in the USA Census

NB There is only fragmentary data surviving from the 1890 census.

Here is a list of Braund and Braund descendants who emigrated to what is now the USA, before 1900. They represent branches 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 18 and 22. Many of them have descendants who are still in the USA. There are also more recent emigrants living in the USA today. There is information about Braund branches here. There are several articles about Braunds in the USA on our Braund Stories page; these are the results of in-depth research into USA Braunds, undertaken by Lynne Ridler-Wall (see below for the details of these).


Prior to 1881, Thomas Box (c.1829-1881), whose mother was a branch 8 Braund, moved to Buffalo.

Having left London for Queensland. Australia, where she married George Hobler, Elizabeth Theodosia Braund (1837-1876), of branch 8 and her family moved to Tulare in 1879. Elizabeth was Thomas Box’s first cousin.


In the 1870s, William Fry Braund (1852-1931), of branch 7, spent time in Clay County, Iowa before moving to Dakota. He joined the Klondike gold rush then returned to the prairies. He died in Vancouver, Canada. He has no known descendants. His story is told in Was the Grass Greener?.


Braund descendant, William John Horrell (1838-1878), of branch 6, left Plymouth, Devon about 1870 for New Orleans, via a short stay in Detroit. He has many descendants in the southern states. His story is told in Was the Grass Greener?.



See New Hampshire



George Lewis Braund (c.1836-1896) from Norton Malreward, Somerset, emigrated to Jackson County in 1864 and had a large family. He has many descendants. George belongs to branch 1 but also descends from branch 4, through his paternal grandmother. His brother William Henry emigrated to Washington DC. George's story is told in Was the Grass Greener?.


Braund descendant, Edward John Peeke Bell (John) Williams (1862-1929), of branch 18, left Ivybridge, Devon for Missouri in 1888.

New Hampshire

In 1641, Michael Braund (c.1605-c.1666), branch 22, left Berry Pomeroy, Devon with his family. He settled in Dover New Hampshire. It is likely that he had a brother called John, who also emigrate. His descendants moved to Kittery in Maine and adopted The Brawn and Brann variants of the surname. His story is told in Was the Grass Greener?. Read more on our Braund Stories page.

New Jersey

Clarence Lewis William Braund (1855-1909), branch 1, of Birmingham, Warwickshire, took his family to New Jersey about 1891. There are descendants in the USA today. His story is told in Was the Grass Greener?.


New York

See Washington DC.


William Arthur Braund (c.1829-1911), branch 3, left Sheepwash, Devon for to Chagrin Falls about 1850. Read more on our Braund Stories page. About 1855, William’s aunt, Ann Bear née Braund (c. 1796-1883), took her children to Cleveland, after the death of her husband.


Three brothers from branch 1, William Pomeroy Braund (c.1836-1911), Richard Henry Braund (1838-1889) and Samuel Braund (1844-1929), left Holsworthy, Devon, for Cuyahuga County, Ohio. William emigrated first, leaving in 1857. His story is told in Was the Grass Greener?. His younger brothers following about ten years later. Richard Henry travelled with his wife and children. He may have accompanied Samuel, who sailed on the Hecia. All three brothers married and there are many descendants.


Three branch 1 siblings emigrated to Du Bois, Pennsylvania. Marwood (1839-) and family, left in 1887, travelling on the City of Rome. In 1888, Henry (1849-1937) left with his oldest son, his wife and younger children followed on the City of York. Henry’s brother Their story is told in Was the Grass Greener?. Their sister, Mary Ann (c.1837-) and her husband, James Hockin, also went to Pennsylvania.

Susan Hooper Honey née Braund (1848-1899), branch 4, left St. Teath in Cornwall for Pen Argyl in the 1880s with her husband, William and children.

In 1831, William Braund (c.1783-1857) and his two youngest sons, branch 5, left on the brig Apolla for Durrrell, Bradford County. His wife Grace remained in Sutcombe Devon. There are descendants in Pennsylvania. His story is told in Was the Grass Greener?.

Wilfred Mills Braund aka Mayfair (1882-1918), branch 18, married in Manhatten in 1906 and then settled in Pennsylvania.


Harriet Mitchell née Jory (c.1818-1883), whose mother was a branch 6 Braund, sailed from Liverpool on the Minnesota in 1869 and settled in Salt Lake City.

Washington DC

William Henry Braund (c.1829-1915) and his wife Ann Braund née Braund were second cousins once removed. They left for New York in the 1850s and William later settled in Washington DC. He had many descendants. They both belong to branch 1 but William also descends from branch 4, through his paternal grandmother. His brother, George Lewis Braund, emigrated to Michigan.

Articles by Lynne Ridler-Wall

The following articles by Lynne Ridler-Wall about USA Braunds have appeared in our journal. Some are available on this website. The relevant branch numbers appear in brackets. Please contact us for details about how to obtain back copies of our journal.

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Braunds in the 1950 USA Census Project

This is an ongoing project to locate all Braunds in the 1950 census and trace their families back to their origins in England. We would be pleased to learn more about the Braunds who were in the USA in 1950, especially any who were missed by the enumerators, or who have been mis-transcribed. Although the census records this detail, for reasons of privacy, we will not be putting information on the website about those who would now be under 100 years of age and therefore might potentially be living.


Information about more states will be added as the data is processed. Follow the links for additional detail.




No Braunds were enumerated in the following states:



New Hampshire

Rhode Island

South Dakota



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