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A Quiz for Christmas - win a year's free membership

We thought that you might like a quiz for the holiday season. All the answers can be found on this website. A winner will be chosen at random from all the correct answers we receive by midnight on 31 January 2023 - UK time. The prize is a year's free digital membership.

1. Which South Devon Food Festival mentioned on the website is held in May?

2. Name a Braund whose sampler is pictured on the website.

3. Which issue of the Braund journal contained the article about Braunds and The Royal Greenwich Hospital School?

4. Which book, aimed at 5-7 year olds is recommended for the Medieval period?

5. How many people make up a quorum of the Braund Society Executive Committee?

6. How much is the book ‘The Price of Conflict’?

7.Which branch of the family emigrated to Kitterey in Maine?

8. Name a Braund depicted on the on the website who is wearing military uniform.

9. Which two Braunds perished on the Titanic?

10. How many books by Alex Langlands are listed on the Bibliography page of the website?

Send us your responses using the Contact Form

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