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All Wrapped up and Ready to Go

The March Journal is all ready to post and send to subscribing members. If you receive a digital copy, they should already be in your inbox. If you are outside Britain, just be warned that there are still some delays to our overseas post, so you may need to be patient.

There are plenty of great articles for you to enjoy. Find out about the possible connection to the Poet Laureate, Robert Southey. Michael introduces us to more Fallen Braunds. We try to sort fact from fiction in the story of Harriet Jory, whose mother was a Braund. Learn more about Richard's trip to Iran, as well as enjoying other Braund tales.

Don't forget, we would love to hear your stories, as we now have a June journal to fill.

If you forgot to renew, or would like to join us for the first time, so you too can receive a journal, all the details are on our website.

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