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Do you know a Braund Twiglet?

The Braund Society has a long-standing tradition of encouraging young people to take an interest in their history and heritage. We are proud that our committee includes those in their twenties, thirties and forties, alongside older members. Sadly this is unusual for a family history society.

Twenty-five years ago we launched 'Twiglets', with puzzles, competitions and activities for Braunds under the age of eighteen. Initially, this appeared in the centre of the journal. The pages were edited by young people and several young Braunds have held the post of editor; one going on to win a national Young Genealogist of the Year competition. In 2010, Twiglets migrated to the website. Now, with our new website, Twiglets has been completely rejunevated and revitalised and we will be adding content on a regular basis. Just today, a logic problem appeared on the puzzles page.

Many people regret that younger family members don't show an interest in the history of their family, Twiglets is a wonderful way of beginning to spark that interest. Please do direct children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and other younger people in the family to these pages. There are things to appeal to all ages. A great deal of effort goes in to creating the content (you will not believe how difficult it is to create a workable logic problem!) and we really want the pages used. Why not take a look yourself? Feedback, suggestions and contributions are welcome.


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