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It is in your Genes - the Braund DNA Project - you can help

There have been additions to the website this week but rather than a Website Wednesday post, I thought I'd write more about DNA. One of the pages we have added to is our DNA page. We rely primarily on careful research, using documentary sources, to create our Braund family trees. DNA is just another tool that we can add to that evidence. If you read the branch summaries that are being added to our branches page (more of them have been added this week too) you can see that, in many cases, we have a good idea of how a branch links to another branch. Exact or very close DNA matches between members of branches can strengthen our belief about how particular branches connect.

Firstly, thank you so much to all those who are already part of our Braund DNA project, which uses results that are available at the company FamilyTreeDNA. This company have the facility for projects and the administrator can view the results of anyone who joins the project.

Many of you will already have taken tests with other DNA companies, such as Ancestry, or My Heritage. If this is the case, you can help us by uploading those results, so they also appear at FamilyTreeDNA and then by joining the Braund DNA project. This is all free and details of how to do so can be found on our DNA page.

If you are a Braund or Braund descendant who has tested at Ancestry, please contact us with the following information: your ancestry user name, your Braund branch, or details of your own Braund ancestry, a list of anyone called Braund, or who has Braund in their tree, amongst your matches; you can search your matches to find this information.

We do need more test results to help us. Please don't rush out and by a test. Do read our advice on the DNA page first and consider the implications of taking a test. More YDNA tests, which can only be taken directly through FamilyTreeDNA, are needed. All tests are very welcome but our particular current needs are listed on our DNA page. Just this week, DNA has suggested a possible link between branches 14 and 6 that we hadn't previously considered. Don't forget that you have to be a male and a direct line Braund, not descending through a female Braund, for a YDNA test to be useful for our project.

It is our 40th birthday this year. Can we get 40 new sets of results in our Braund DNA project?


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