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Reunion Day 1

The first part of our reunion was online. Special mentions go to Alison, calling in from Dubai and Brian and Pam listening from somewhere in the middle of nowhere in their car, their Australian road-trip having been diverted due to flooding. We began the day with at talk about the Braunds in Queensland from Michael Braund. There was a good 'down-under' contingent in the Zoom room to learn about a variety of family members who moved to this part of Australia. This was a great lead-in to the proposed Brisbane reunion in April 2023.

Chatting went on, with Janet and Chris taking time out to set up the exhibition. It was definitely a gallon in a pint pot exercise. We had been selective about the items we had chosen to exhibit and we still didn't have room for it all. Janet then told us the Barefoot on the Cobbles story, which has a significant Braund connection.

In the evening, we had a lovely meal and chat at The Bell in Parkham. It was great to meet face-to-face again.

Today is all in person, so the Zoomers get a day of rest. If you can't make the exhibition in person, then there is a talk, describing some of the exhibits, at 3pm UK time on Monday.

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