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Special Award for our Society's Chairman

We are excited to announce that our society's Chairman, Chris Braund, is to be admitted as a Companion of St. Boniface. This honour is bestowed by the Bishop of Exeter for outstanding service to the church community. The award is for Chris' long-standing commitment to St. Anne's, Bucks Mills, where our annual church services are held and for his work in the community. His medal will be presented on Saturday 23 July in Exeter Cathedral. Anyone who can get to Exeter and would like to support Chris, is invited to come along to the service, which is at 5pm.

Here is an extract from Chris' nomination in answer to the question, What makes the nominee and their contribution stand out? Their continued service over a long period of time, despite not residing in the parish and for many years living a considerable distance away. Their persistence in the face of a small congregation and the lack of a geographical community from whom to draw potential worshippers. Their determination that there will continue to be a church presence in Bucks Mills, despite the difficulties faced in so doing. This is a church with no water supply and no toilet facilities, which limits the ways in which the church can be used and the opportunities for bringing the community in to the church. Despite this, Chris has done all he can to involve the wider community in the church. It is fair to say that, without Chris’ efforts, there may not still be a church in Bucks Mills.

A bit about St. Boniface the patron saint of Devon. St. Boniface was born about 675 in Crediton. His Anglo-Saxon name was Wynfrith, meaning 'friend of peace'. He only adopted the name Boniface when he entered a monastic community in Exeter. Boniface took Christianity to the Germanic tribes, becoming Archbishop of Mainz. He was killed whilst attempting to extend his mission to Frisia.

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