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The Calm before the Reunion Storm

I am not sure that 'calm' is the right word. It is 6am and a beautiful, if chilly, Devon dawn. My living room looks like this so it must be reunion time.

Yesterday came the pleasant surprise that the society's birthday had a half page spread in the North Devon Journal. I managed to secure the last copy in my local community shop. Then all the items for the exhibition had to be unloaded from our Chairman's car. Fortunately, I live right next door to the Methodist Church in Buckland Brewer, where tomorrow's exhibition is to be held but some time today, or very early tomorrow, this pile will transform itself into our exhibition.

In three and a half hours I will open the Zoom room to begin our virtual chat. Hopefully some still awake down-under Braunds will tune in and I am sure there will be one or two getting up very early in North America so they don't miss a minute of the day. At 11.00am UK time, Michael will be giving a talk about the Queensland Braunds from his home in Canberra. Then more chat until I talk about the Barefoot on the Cobbles story at 2.30pm. Chat will go on until 5pm then it will be off to at The Bell at Parkham. I will be back with you in about 18 hours time to report on how the day has gone. Don't forget, if you need the Zoom link contact us. We will do our best to spot your message asap.

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