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The Challenge of the Three Graces: a new branch for the Braund tree

We now have a new branch 10 for the Braund tree. A full list of all the Braund branches and an explanation of how they were created can be found here. The previous branch 10 had been amalgamated with another branch so we have reused that number for the new branch. This branch is headed by a Grace Braund who married William Monkley in Great Torrington, in 1752. Unfortunately, there are three possible candidates for Grace, so, at the moment, we can't take her line any further back. There will be a full write up of the three Graces in the journal but you will have to wait until September, as the June edition is on its way to the printers. We have added an updated map to our branches page, so you can see where they originate. Meanwhile, if anyone would like to take up the challenge of identifying Grace please go ahead and let us know your conclusions. Will they be the same as ours?

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