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Website still (just) Wednesday somewhere in the World

The plan was to post this yesterday but I was hoping to finish getting another article ready to upload first. That didn't quite happen, so here, a little late, is the round up of what is new on the website since last week.

We have added some advice for those thinking about taking a DNA test. There are new pages about Canada and Australia, although the Australian has more to add. Check out Michael's great map. All the regional pages will be expanded over time. There is summary information about more branches; we've added branches 6, 13, 14, 15 and 21; the rest will follow shortly. There is a new article about branch 13 for you to read and hopefully later today there will be another about Mary Braund the first fleet convict.

There is a lot more still on the 'to add' list for the website but new content may be a little slower to arrive as we turn to getting ready for our reunion - just 5 weeks to go! There may not be a website Wednesday every week but we will make sure we let you know what is new.

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