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Website Wednesday

Website Wednesday once again and there have been several additions to the site this week. More items have been added to our shop. There is now a catalogue, or list of items that you can see in our Virtual Museum and a similar catalogue of the photos in our Photo Gallery. These catalogues are arranged by branch. This makes it easier to know what images are included and means that searching the site will bring up any relevant results. There will be many more photos and museum exhibits to come in future. We have finished tweaking the colours and adjusting the accessibility of the site.

Probably the most useful new pages are the summaries that we are starting to add about each branch. Some will be a couple of paragraphs, other will be much longer. So far, we have added information for branches 1, 2, 16, 20 and 23. We started with the branches with the most known descendants (1 and 2) and then begun on some of the smaller branches. Eventually all branches will have their own summary. You can access these via the branches page. We have also added a few more branch co-ordinators. Their role is to put people in touch with other members of their branch and generally be a cheerleader for that branch. Do let us know if you want to be in contact with a co-ordinator. We can't give them your contact details unless you ask us to.

We have now had nearly 1000 views on this new site. Please continue to spread the word and come back often.

St. Anne's Church, Bucks Mills, Devon
St. Anne's Church, Bucks Mills, Devon

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