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Branch 6

Branch 6 is one of the larger branches. The earliest known ancestors for branch 6 Braunds are John Braund and Florence, who married in Northlew, Devon in 1715. Florence’s maiden name was not recorded. The story of how John and Florence were added to the top of this branch is told in the article The Search for Samuel Braund, which can be found on our Braund Stories page. For genealogical information about this branch of the family, contact usIf you would like to be put in touch with other members of branch 6, please ask for your contact details to be passed to Janet Few, the branch  co-ordinator. The family trees will enlarge if you click on them.


Some branch 6 members descend from Samuel, John and Florence’s eldest son, who moved to Menheniot, Cornwall where he was a schoolmaster and slate carver, being responsible for several gravestones in the area. The story of Samuel and some of his descendants is told in four booklets that are available in our shop: Cornish Origins, Across the Tamar, Cargreen Odyssey and In the Shadow of the Iron Horse.


Samuel and his wife, Jane Lucas, had three children. Their elder son, John, died as a child. Samuel and Jane’s daughter, Rebecca, married John Rodd in Menheniot in 1765 and she has numerous living descendants. Samuel’s son, James, had ten children, three of whom married into the Henwood family, There are descendants across the English-speaking world.


The eldest son of James’ son William, another James, also known as James Braund Jeffery, established himself in Cargreen, Cornwall on the banks of the River Tamar and descendants remain there today.


John and Florence’s second son, John, married Mary Bartlett and settled in south west Devon. He had six daughters and one son. John’s only known living descendants are via his daughter, Rebecca, who married Henry Hunt; many of these are in New Zealand.


John and Florence’s youngest son, Humphrey, settled in Monk Okehampton, Devon. His children moved to Zeal Monachorum, Witheridge, Broadwoodkelly and Iddesleigh, all of which are fairly close to Monk Okehampton. It is very likely that the branch 21 Braunds descend from Humphrey.  

There are many of Humphrey’s descendants spread across the world, with some going to Birmingham and to Canada. The spelling variants Brawn and Broan are used by some of Humprhey’s present day descendants.

It is likely that branch 6 links to branch 20 and ultimately to branch 1. Alternatively, it may be connected to branch 19, which is based in Northlew. Branches 6, 19 and 20 are the only three branches to use the christian name Rebecca in the seventeenth and first half of the eighteenth centuries. DNA suggests that branch 6 is most closely linked to branches 9, 11, 12 and 22.

Branch 6 family tree James and Mary
Branch 6 family tree John and Florence
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