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Branch 19

For genealogical information about this branch of the family please contact us.


Only two branches of the Braund family can be traced back to the sixteenth century, or earlier and branch 19 is one of them. The earliest generations are in Black Torrington, which suggests a close link with branch 1 and it may be that the William at the top of branch 19 is the grandson of the William at the top of branch 1 but no surviving documents have been found to substantiate this. We do not have any YDNA results from branch 19 that might help. This branch of the family were better off than some. Although their wills do not survive, some transcripts do and these have been very helpful, especially in the absence of early parish registers for Northlew, where this branch settled.


At the top of branch 19 are William Braund and Joanne Burdon, who married in Black Torrington in 1572. They had nine children.

Most is known about the descendants of Lewis’s son William. William was a yeoman and saddler of Northlew and he and his wife Mary née Coombe aka Axworthy had nine children. Missing parish registers means that very little is known about these children apart from Benjamin, who is believed to have been the youngest child.










Benjamin was apprenticed to a London vintner and established a household in Upminster, Essex. He married Ann Warner and they had nine children. Of these, four died young and one had no children. The only son to produce children appears to be Benjamin junior but no grandchildren have been found. There are no known living branch 19 descendants now called Braund, although some descendants of Anne Braund who married Leonard Pead have reintroduced the name and are Braund-Smiths. Benjamin and Ann’s daughters married and had numerous descendants. The society owns a photograph album belonging to the family of the eldest daughter, Mary, who married Champion Branfill.

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