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Our Logo

The Braund Society Logo designed by R Allin Braund

This is not a coat of arms. Members of the Braund family have been granted coats of arms in the past but we are not entitled to use them. Coats of arms are granted to an individual and their direct descendants. There is no such thing as a coat of arms or a crest for a family name. Our logo was designed by the artist R Allin Braund. Allin was an artist with an international reputation who painted sea, sky and landscape paintings. These can be viewed at the Devon gallery, Wildwood Arts on Dartmoor. The ship represents the Braund's who travelled the world and the family's association with the sea. The tolls are a reminder of family members who were miners and the green and blue colouring symbolises the links between the Braunds, the land and the sea.

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