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September Journal To Look Forward To

The September journal is nearing completion and should be with you a week or so earlier than usual, for reasons that will be apparent when you read it. Incredibly, there are references to Braunds from no fewer than eleven branches of the family within its pages. Are you a paid up member who will receive a copy? Readers can learn about the recent Australasian reunion, discover more stories of Braunds who lost their lives in war, uncover the biography of our 'cover girl', Sidwell and much more.

As one journal goes to press we begin on the next. Janet has now been putting our journal together for thirty years. Please help her by sending in items for the next issue. We are happy to accept these from members and non-members and welcome copyright free photos, small items of news and of course full-blown articles. We can weave your notes into an article if you need us to. Let's make the December issue as varied as the September one.

September 2023 Journal

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