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What Do We Do?

For over forty years, we have been researching all those who have borne the surname Braund, or its variant spellings. We have amassed records about approximately 7000 individuals named Braund.

We believe that all Braunds share a common ancestry but the records required to prove this have not survived. Our members therefore represent several branches of the Braund family. The majority of Braunds can be attached to the family trees of one of our 24 branches. The larger of these family trees contain nearly 3000 individuals, the smaller have fewer than 30. Some branches of the family can be traced back to the 1500s or 1600s, others hit a brick wall in the 1800s. There are some Braunds who can trace their ancestry back in an unbroken line to the 1400s. All the family trees have their origins in the English counties of Devon and Cornwall, in the far south-west of England but the Braunds and their descendants have now spread worldwide.  More information about our family's history can be found here. Get to know some of the present day Braunds and their descendants here.

We don't have all the answers but we like to think that if anyone can trace your Braund ancestry, we can. 

There are many incorrect Braund family trees available on the internet. We deliberately do not put our family trees online but are willing to share what we have if you contact us.

Those who join the Braund Society will be kept up to date with our latest findings.

The Society is a not-for-profit organisation. As well as researching the Braund family history, we get together, in person and online. We chat, we eat together, we share stories about the Braunds, we display Braund heirlooms, photographs and family trees, we visit places of interest and learn about our heritage. We have quizzes, play games and generally enjoy ourselves. There are meetings in North Devon, the home of the Braund family, twice a year. We also have reunions in Australia and North America. We publish a quarterly journal and booklets that tell stories of the Braunds and their history. 

The best way to keep up to date with all the Braund news is to join the society and read the blog on this website. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Braund Society is a member of The Guild of One Name Studies and has close links with Devon Family History Society

A list of just some of the records that we hold can be found here. There are some useful links here.

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